Moving beyond inclusion. Cultivating belonging.


“The future is equitable and inclusive. Are you?”

People leaders have shifted the culture of work and learning spaces from reflecting tolerance, to affirming difference, and more recently, emphasizing diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Dr. Jojo works with leaders and learners to accomplish three principal aims:

Understanding The Difference Between A Space That Is Diverse And One That Is Equitable.

A truly diverse space or environment is one in which all constituent parts differ from one another.  Enhancing the makeup of a group by adding a handful constituents who differ from the group does not constitute diversity. True and measurable diversity therefore requires an investment in equity. To achieve diversity and embody equity, leaders and learners must embrace measures to reverse imbalances of power, and redistribute access to those who have been historically disadvantaged.

Learning and unlearning the histories that are foundational to inequitable practices

Inequities are often built into systems to operate on autopilot without detection, until someone feels their detrimental impact and sounds the alarm. These inequities often inform biases that we act upon unconsciously. Leaders and learners must learn to question the inequities that have been normalized into work, live, play cultures. 

Shifting from an emphasis on inclusion, to fostering spaces of belonging and collective ownership

While it is important to have a seat at the proverbial table–to be included–belonging at the table allows one to speak, direct, and be a decision maker at the table. Leaders and learners who move beyond membership and representation, and foster collective ownership of work, live, and play cultures, encourage retention and build stronger and healthier teams and communities.

From DEI to DEI+B Dr JoJo

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